A World without the West

TitleA World without the West
Publication TypeJournal Article
AuthorsBarma, N, Ratner, E, Weber, S

The post-Cold War period is not a story of gradual modernization and progressive integration that connects the world uniformly to the benefit of all. Instead, it enables a distinct alternative to conflict and assimilation, whereby rising powers are increasingly "routing around" the West. By preferentially deepening their own ties amongst themselves, and in so doing loosening relatively the ties that bind them to the international system centered in the West, rising powers are building an alternative systme of international politics whose endpoint is neither conflict nor assimilation with the West. It is to make the West, and American power in particular, increasingly irrelevant = World Without the West.

-Economics ties and bargaining
-neo-Westphalian - stay out of domestic business
- no individualism, no liberalism.